Alpseminar 2011

In addition to technical training seminars, a very differnet type of instructional support is important to us in order to secure and strengthen the dynamics in our team. For this reason, we attented a seminar in the alps in Salzburg in May 2011. we invited Coach Joannes Stark, who worked with us on both structural, as well personality aspects regarding our team. The seminar included meditation and adventurous hikes through Salzburg’s picturesque mountains. We have tried to capture some of the impressions on film:


The location of the event: The stunning Lossblühel Alm. It was at this beautiful spot, where we spent intensive days between fog and sunshine, without radio, TV or mobile phone reception – an unsusual treat in our time!

Group picture in the snow:

Hiking through the lush green:


above and underneath

Nila hidden in the fog                                                         Isabella

Seline                                                                                     our Coach: Joannes Stark

across the brook

Meditation in the mountains:

Musical expression during a short rest after meditation:

A truely earned dinner after an intensive seminar day and a long hiking trip:

Ending the day in harmony with activity games:

Everyone wants to win 😉

It is time to say good bye – filled with creative ideas and positive energy:

Enjoying the fresh mountain air one last time, and then off to Tulln!

For all, who are now curious, here is the link to Johannes Stark’s website:

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