Ortho in adults

Slight malocclusions in adults can also be treated with detachable devices. Fixed braces are used with severe malocclusions, a late treatment start or when there are further special indications. In this case white or metal discs, so called brackets are glued on the teeth and a wire bow is pulled through them. This bow possesses a certain amount of tension in the form of an ideal dental arch, which corrects the dental formation gently, but on a continuous basis.

Because this is worn continuously, the duration of the treatment is often shorter and speech is definitely less inhibited, since the mouth cavity remains mostly free.


White and metal brackets

Concerning the brackets it should be pointed out, that many adults dread fixed braces, because they believe it would alter their looks. Dr. Scherngell completed the main part of his orthodontic education in the U.S.A and has made the experience there, that dental braces have almost become a status symbol. There the manager wears braces, just as the young student or the teenager. In the U.S. fixed braces are considered „in“ to the extent of even marketing colorful or golden brackets during the past few years.

“Celebreties“ with brackets

Compared to countries like Sweden, Norway or the U.S., there still exists a prevailing view in Austria that considers the wearing of braces a flaw. There are quite a few patients who would like to have their teeth regulated, but refuse treatment, because they are afraid of being ostracized. But as soon as these patients have started their therapy, they notice that they are not the only ones wearing braces. Also in this country, one starts to notice a trend toward wearing braces and more and more adults choose the treatment with fixed braces.

When a decision for orthodontic treatment has to be made, one should first consider the health of the teeth and their aesthetics, the health of the chewing apparatus and finally of the entire organism and not whether one can expect social acceptance during the duration of the treatment.