Preparation for Ortho

Before starting any orthodontic treatment, we always prepare a very detailed treatment plan in our practice. To establish this treatment plan, we take Panorama X-rays to be able to view not only the teeth that have already come in, but also the ones that are still developing and to detect any missing teeth. Furthermore we take a mold of the teeth to produce a model and to take measurements and also take photos of the patient.

It is also essential to take remote X-rays of the head, which gives information about the development of the bone structure of the face and the direction of growth of the jaw, as well as the positioning of the teeth and any possible therapy. In some cases we also take X- rays of the hand roots to determine the status of growth.

remote X-ray

Before a removeable appliances is being inserted, we take more molds and prepare a construction bite for the technician. Of course there are many colors to choose from for every individual taste. After one week, the appliance is finished and can be given to the patient.

Colors for removeable appliances

When we decide the treatment with fixed braces, the metal- or tooth-colored brackets are being glued on the tooth surface. In order to achieve better adhesion, the teeth are first polished and treated with a gel. After that, the brackets are being adjusted on the tooth with a special „positioner“ and glued on.