All cases diagnosed, planned & treated by Dr. Robert Scherngell  

Bilateral Crossbite w Myofunctional Shift (start | finish)


Deep Bite w Impacted Teeth (start | finish)


Start Model of patient     Therapy 17 Months   (start / finish)


Extraction of upper laterals (damaged) and lower 1st bicuspids. The blocked out cuspids were aligned and upper cuspids got moved into the lateral space and formed with composit.  A „good compromise“ (start | finish)


Blocked out Central (start | after 7 Months | finish)


Anterior Crossbite w myofunctional Dysfunction (start | finish)


Patient with bimaxillary surgery of the lower jaw   (start  |  finish)


For the patient it was impossible to bite.  Extraction of upper 1st Bicuspids (start | finish)


Extraction of upper right 1st Molar (damaged). All blocked out teeth got aligned. Therefore the profile of patient changed from concave to straight! (start | finish)



Open Bite, Bilateral Crossbite & Blocked out upper Cuspids (start | finish)


Crossbite w Myofunctional Dysfuntion combined w Frontal Open Bite (start | finish)



Anteriorer Crossbite (start | finish)


Frontal Open Bite w Bilateral Crossbite (start | finish)


Crowding upper & lower (start | finish)

Impacted upper Cuspids & lower right 2nd Bicuspid (start | finish)


Crowding upper & lower (start | lower)