Removable appliances

Already in the younger years, malocclusions can be treated with removable appliances. One device, which can already be used at the age of three to five for the treatment of the open sucking bite, is the Mundvorhofplatte.


This kind of appliance makes it harder for children to suck their thumbs and through the tongue bars prevents them from pressing their tongues through the rows of teeth, which can often cause an open bite. Although children between the age of eight through eleven can already be treated with braces. Detachable devices are frequently used at this age by taking into account the children’s growth and often are a preliminary treatment for fixed braces.

Functional appliances

These are a kind of treatment device, which influence the jawbone and the entire mouth and chewing muscles to the extent that the teeth can be positioned into a correct bite. These appliances are always positioned loosely in the mouth and are considered as training-appliances for the mouth and jaw area.


Schwarz Platten

These are detachable appliances, which can be fixed on the tooth rows with the help of retaining devices. With the help of these plates, the jaw can be widened or slight repositioning of individual teeth can be effected with the help of screws and springs.



 Young patients with Mundvorhofplatte