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Dr. Lisa Scherngell

Dr. med. dent. Lisa Scherngell

Substitute dentist

2021: Promotion Dr. med. dent.

2020: Diplom CS Orthoseminars

2020: Incognito Appliance System Certification

4/2019: Internship at UCLA and Clinic Dr. Sanford Ratner/USA 

2019: Hands- On Implantation (BEGO)

2017- 2020: dental internships in Mandeville/Jamaica on a regular basis 

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Dr. Adelheid Scherngell

Dr. med. dent. Adelheid Scherngell

Substitute dentist

Even before I studied dentistry, it was an important part of my life. Since 1993, I have been actively involved in the establishment of Dr. Robert Scherngell’s two dental clinics. In addition to dental assistance, I took care of office- and team- management and completed several dental trainings in Austria and abroad.  2013 (until I started my studies), I built the diploma course CS Orthodontic Seminars with Dr. Robert Scherngell. 

My focus is an holistic approach to orthodentics, that’s why I also attend seminars, that cover other subjects than dentistry as well.

I am pleased to be able to continue on this path as a substitute dentist.


7/23: Certification “Dental Nutritionist”

6/23: Oral Health and Diabetes mellitus, Prof. Henrik Dommisch

5/23: Surgical Mission, Labasa, Fiji

3/23: Certificate of Advanced Orthodontics, Philipps Universität Marburg

2/23: Axiography to Retention, Dr. Troiani, Dr. Geserick, Ulm


10/11 2022: Surgical Mission Viet Duc Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam

Orthodontic Fundamentals, Prof. Padhraig Fleming, Trinity College DUBLIN

Study Start MSc Orthodontics DPU Krems

4/ 2022: Surgical Mission Lambasa/Fiji

Sure Smile Aligner Practioner

Improving Smile Aesthetics (Dr. Juan Carlos Perez Valera)

“Grenzen erweitern, das Undenkbare erdenken” (Medizinische Universität Graz; Dr. Winsauer; Mini-Implantate zur skelettalen Verankerung in der Kieferorthopädie)

Konfliktmanagement im zahnärztlichen Alltag (ZIV)

Hochästhetisches Komposit- Veneering (3M Health Care)

Heiße Phase – Wechseljahre im Mund

2/2022: Publication “LIVIVO – das Suchportal für Lebenswissenschaften” DZZ/ Deutsche Zahnärztliche Zeitschrift/2022; 7 (1)

2021: Promotion Dr. med. dent.

2021: Attendance “Periodontitis and Nutrition”

2020: Incognito Appliance System Certification 

2020: Diplom CS Orthoseminars

2019: Hands- On Implantations (BEGO)

4/2019: Internship at UCLA and Clinic Dr. Sanford Ratner/USA 

2014: Forsus Class II Corrections 

2014: Aesthetics- The Ultimate Challenge in Orthodontics, London

2012: Speaker about Teammanagement at Henry Schein/Wien

2008: Master Of Dental and Medical Communication (IMU)

2007: “touch for health” 

2001-2006: Translator POS/USA

1999-2002: POS Orthodontics Diplom

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Dr. Robert Scherngell, MSc.

Dr. Robert Scherngell, MSc.

Dr. Robert Scherngell completed his orthodontic education in Germany, Austria and in the USA and has been working since 1995 in his office in Vienna.

Since 20 years he has been teaching dentists and orthodontists from around the globe. (Korea, Australia, Argentina, Hong Kong, USA and Europe). From 2013 on, he started his own orthodontic seminar series “CS Orthoseminars”.

In 2002 he opened his second office in Tulln.

Dr. Robert Scherngell, MSc

In March 2009 Dr. Scherngell did the examination of Austrian Board of Orthodontists.

In November 2009 he got the Master of Orthodontics at the Danube University in Krems.

Member of European Orthodontic Society

Member of Verband Österreichischer Kieferorthopäden

Member of the Dental Medical Association Austria

Education Diploma in Dentistry of the Dental Medical Association Austria

Education Diploma in Orthodontics of the Dental Medical Association Austria

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Contact & Addresses

Contact & Adresses

  • Vienna

  • Mariahilferstrasse 128/5
    1070 Wien
    Tel. 01/ 522 19 66

  • Opening Hours

  • Make an appointment by phone.
    Phone Time: Mo-Th: 10-16h

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  • Tulln

  • Hauptplatz 3
    3430 Tulln
    Tel. 02272/611 22

  • Opening Hours

  • Make an appointment by phone.
    Phone Time: Mo-Th: 10-16h

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Team Scherngell

Meet Our Team

  • Christina

  • Dilbera

  • Nila

  • Paulina

  • Richard

  • Sandra

  • Seline

  • Violeta

  • Ivana

  • Rabiye

  • Lea

  • Sabina


  • Wandern 2021

    Wandern 2021

  • Wandern im Waldviertel

  • Wandern im Nationalpark Thayatal

  • Waldviertel

  • Ausflug ins Tullner Aubad

  • Aubad Tulln

  • Wandern im Nationalpark Thayatal

  • Wachau Wanderung

  • Almseminar 2011 Gruppenfoto am Berg

  • aufgefächert

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