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Ortho in adults

Minor problems in patients smiles can also be treated with removable trays called aligners. Fixed braces are used with severe malocclusions, a late treatment start or when there are further special indications. In these cases clear or metal precision devices called brackets are bonded to the front of the teeth and a wire arch is deflected to them. This arch made of super high tech metal possesses a precision amount of flexibility in the form of an ideal dental arch, which corrects the dental abnormality gently, but on a continuous basis for the most efficient tooth movement possible.

Because this appliance ist not removable, the duration of the treatment is often shorter and speech is definitely less inhibited, since the inside of the oral cavity remains mostly free of any material at all.

Regarding the brackets, it should be pointed out that many adults dread fixed braces due to the appearance, because they believe it would alter their looks. Dr. Scherngell completed the main part of his orthodontic education in the USA and observed there that dental braces have almost become a status symbol. In Dr. Scherngell’s office, the manager wears braces, just as the young student or the teenager might and it makes her look more youthful. In the U.S. fixed braces are considered „in“ to the extent of even marketing colorful or golden brackets during the past few years.